Volunteer Resources

Thanks for being a part of Furvana! The information assembled here is designed to put all of Furvana's staff resources at your fingertips. If there's any information you need and cannot find, you can always email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

  • Staff Handbook: This document is an outline of the code of conduct, duties, responsibilities, and expectations of all staff members volunteering for Furvana. By agreeing to be a staff member, you also agree to adhere to the guidelines outlined in this document to the best of your abilities.

  • Slack is our primary staff communication and collaboration tool. We highly encourage all staff members to be active on Slack, this is where the magic happens. If you've already filled out the Volunteer Signup Form and gotten set up with our team, then you should already have access to Slack. If not, email and we'll fix that straight away. Slack is totally free and can be used as a web app or as a desktop or mobile app on many popular platforms. For more info about the apps, go to slack.com/downloads.

  • OneNote: Alongside Slack, OneNote is our primary data archive and brainstorming tool. OneNote is free and available as a web app or as a desktop or mobile app on many popular platforms. For more info about OneNote, go to onenote.com. When you're officially joined as staff, our staff support team will help get you setup with access to OneNote.

  • Google Groups Mailing List: Furvana also has a mailing list for sharing important information. This mailing list is not intended for discussions or planning (keep that to Slack and OneNote), but is used for sending important announcements, upcoming meeting information, and surveys. If you haven't already joined the mailing list, email .

  • Art Asset Guide: This document is a guide and template for how to use Furvana branded art assets. Please adhere to these guidelines when creating documentation or visual assets containing the Furvana logo or name.

Staff Incentives

So what do you get out of all of this? Well, you get the satisfaction of helping build the Pacific Northwest's newest furry convention, and contributing to your friends and community.

What, that's not enough?

Just kidding! We really do want to show you that we appreciate the time, effort, and skills that you bring to the table. Volunteers are what make a convention, they're what define it, and without you Furvana simply couldn't exist. We want to say “thank you” with a little more than words, so here's the incentives that we're offering to staff who volunteer and help make this convention amazing.

Staff benefits are awarded differently whether or not your position is considered exempt or non-exempt from hours tracking. For more information about what this means, refer to the staff handbook.

Time Non-exempt staff Exempt staff
4 hours Special staff badge insert and access to staff lounge. Includes all non-exempt staff benefits except sponsor-level membership.
Also includes a year-specific staff gift.
8 hours Current year T-shirt and staff crash room privilege.
12 hours Attending-level membership for the following year.
20 hours Special artwork print from artist guest of honor.
24 hours Sponsor-level membership for the following year. N/A

Staff Training

Furvana has a plan to implement several specific training courses throughout the year to help prepare and educate our staff. Some of these courses will be required for specific positions. Our staff training curriculum is still under development, but see this list below for information about the training we plan to run, and be sure to check back often and pay attention to announcements to learn more!

Date Topic Description
TBD Registration system How to use our registration system software and process attendee payments. Required for any registration staff.
TBD PCI-DSS compliance and money handling How to process and handle credit card and cash payments safely and legally. Required for any registration, art show, charity, treasury, or other money handling staff.
TBD Art Show system How to use our art show tracking and bidding system. Required for any art show staff.
TBD IT systems integration IT setup and handling procedures and live tests.
TBD Attendee relations How to help and handle attendees, and provide proper escalation and de-escalation. Required for any attendee support staff.
TBD Social media How to react (or not) on social media in relation to our convention. Required for social media staff and highly recommended for others.
TBD First aid and CPR First aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation training.
TBD Badge checking How to properly check convention badges and IDs. Required for badge checking staff.
TBD Slack and OneNote How to use our Slack and OneNote communication and collaboration tools.
TBD Working with the hotel How to interact with venue staff and request (or not) specific accommodations in relation to our venue contract. Highly recommended for all leads.
TBD Radios and dispatch How to operate and communicate using the convention radio system. Required for all radio operators.
TBD Events How to help panelists and event hosts run their events an ensure they are properly equipped.
TBD Theater How to handle theatre setup, teardown, and procedures.