Who we are

Furvana is an initiative to hold a new annual anthropomorphic arts convention in the greater Seattle area starting in autumn 2018. Our co-chairs, Metal Fox and Fritzy Wolf, have assembled a diverse team of volunteers to achieve this goal. With broad experience from a variety of other events, we are applying our learnings to build the best convention that we can.

In order for this to work we'll need you, our community, at our side.

Who we become is up to all of you. That means communication, involvement, outreach and feedback; we need to know what you think and need your skills.

This convention is yours as much as it is ours, and it's important that we build it together!

What we have accomplished so far

A lot! Some of the feedback we heard from members of the community was that there needed to be a mission statement, a set of values and a set of tenets. This way A LOT can be accomplished with a unified team working towards the same vision, a strong team prepared with knowledge on how to handle any challenges that would come their way, and by ensuring that all our volunteers have fun volunteering!

As a result, we've been working since February 2016 laying down that foundation, and thanks to the group's efforts we have the plan laid out to help guide us to our milestones between now and 2018.

What we need

Spread the word!


There's a long road and a lot of work ahead of us and we would love to have you on board. It doesn't matter if you have convention experience or not. Overall we're looking for passionate volunteers who want to be a part of something big!

If you want to learn more we encourage you to reach out to us, either as a volunteer or simply a curious onlooker. We're friendly and always happy to talk! Check out the Volunteer Sign-Up Form and our staff support team will be happy to help you.

Why 2018?

It is far away, we know. But we're planning on doing this right! Our community has some healing to do when it comes to trusting a convention. That's a trust we intend to earn! But that takes preparation, positive relationships, and time, especially when starting afresh like we are.

Thank you for checking us out! If you want to learn more follow the links to any of our social media accounts below. We're really looking forward to this, and we hope you are too.

— Fritzy Wolf, Metal Fox, and the rest of the Furvana team