Furvana 2018
Furvana Field Day (placeholder)

Furvana Field Day

Saturday, August 5, 2017
4605 S 3rd Ave
Everett, WA 98201

Come join us at the Furvana Field Day on August 5 at Lowell Park in Everett!

It's free, and no registration is needed!

Furvana Field Day is a day for our community to gather together for some fun in the sun. We'll be planning a variety of outdoor games and activities, plus local food vendors, music, and more!


Time Activity
10:00am Early Bird Meet & Greet
11:30am NERF™ War
12:00pm Eat, drink (water), and be merry!
1:00pm Tug-of-war
1:30pm Three-legged race
2:00pm Show-off time! (Talents, singing, and more!)
3:00pm NERF™ War: Reloaded!
4:00pm Circle Time! (Talk amongst yourselves!)
4:00pm Special Musical Guest: Circus Alley
5:00pm Slow goodbyes


Want to help out with either Furvana Field Day or our upcoming convention in 2018? Visit our Volunteer Hub for more information!

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Want to have a space to sell at Furvana Field Day? We'd love to have you!